(That we have successfully done with our daughter!)

  • Visit the historical city of Girona, parts of the ‘Barri-Vell’ date back to over a thousand years, a maze of alleyways and ancient architecture including the Cathedral and Arab Baths.
  • Banyoles Lake: One of the largest in the Iberian Peninsula, crystal, clear water, boat trips, lakeside restaurants and best of all, lots of ducks to feed.
  • Tossa de mar: A beautiful medieval fishing town, lots of alleyways and steps to race around, 2 beaches, a tourist ‘train’ that takes you up to the castle and glass bottomed boat trips that take you to secluded coves.
  • Besalú: Beautiful medieval fortified town with an amazing bridge over a wide shallow river, very good for skimming stones. Again lots of alleyways, outdoor restaurants and very few cars, nice playgrounds. Tourist ‘train’.
  • Sant Pol beach at S’Agaró: Great safe beautiful beach for kids, pedalos…!
  • St. Martí d’Empúries: Long windy beach, great when it’s too hot, not a car in sight (you have to park and walk) 5 lovely restaurants in the old hamlet by the beach, pedal go-carts along the promenade, trampolines, pedalos..!
Banyoles lake
Tossa de Mar Castle
Besalú bridge
Sant Pol beach in S'Agaró
Sant Martí d'Empúries town square
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