For those children on gluten-free/lactose-free diets a basic range of foods are available.

  • A.I.A approved food products from ‘Innovative Solutions’ U.K.
  • Gluten free, casein free homemade bread and/or use of a ‘clean’ bread machine.
  • Basic range of g/f c/f free pre-prepared foods ready frozen for you to add your chosen vegetables:
        -Breaded chicken fillets

     -Breaded white fish           

     -Salmon fillet fish fingers   

(approx. 3oz per portion, all bread crumbs home made).
  • Cakes, etc.

You  can  Alternatively  order  and   pay  for  foods   from 'Innovative  Solutions' U.K. and have them delivered here for  your  arrival  (foods  and  postage  is at your cost and should  be  arranged  with  Innovative  Solutions).

*This   would   save   you   money  with  your  baggage allowances and save you time at your airport check-in.

          Pre-ordering necessary for all food products.



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