Our on-site equine therapy is available in flexible sessions of 30mins, 60mins or 90 minutes according to your child’s needs. Although I am not a qualified therapist I have owned horses since childhood and I have my own  daughter with autism who now benefits greatly from our 2 horses.

The sessions are conducted with the participation of at least one parent or can include the whole family depending on your child’s needs or wishes.
Our horses:

Shu-Shu is a ‘Norwegian Fjord’, A relatively small but very strong horse from the montainious regions of western Norway. This special breed of docile horse used frequently for children with disabilities because of their well known understanding temperament.
Dana is an Anglo-Arab and also has a lovely temperament and may be suitable for other family members to ride.


The therapy sessions are about spending time with the horse, relating to it and it’s needs, touching, grooming and also of course riding. Time spent with horses is well known to be beneficial to autists and the actual movement of the horse when riding is said to stimulate areas of the brain where learning receptors are located.


Approx. rates     30 mins: 20€

                            60 mins: 30€

                            90 mins: 40€

If I feel your child responds well and kindly to the horses, you can join in with morning and evening feeding and grooming (with parental supervision). There is no charge for this.

Although our 2 horses are very quiet, it has to be remembered that they are animals and as such can be unpredictable. If you wish to take equine therapy you do so at your own risk and we recommend you take out the relevant insurance.
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